Brazilian Girl takes down Thief with RNC

A student of municipality of Eunápolis, southern Bahia takes down thief with RNC on road till cop arrive and arrest him.

Description: A student of the municipality of Eunápolis, southern Bahia, had a risky attitude and managed to immobilize a theft suspect man.Blatant was recorded by a cell on the night of Monday (10). The young, 20, said the man broke into the luggage rack of his bike, which was parked next to an amusement park and stole some objects.After realizing the theft, the victim and a friend began to chase the suspect, who was cycling. They reached the man, and one of them managed a rear naked choke (put more as a simple choke hold and not an RNC) and immobilize the suspect until police arrive.Popular still beat the suspect with kicks. According to police, they were found with the man a helmet, a headset, a small amount of money and personal documents of the student. The suspect was taken to the police station.

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